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As a breeder, my observation is interesting to those interested is not a small percentage when you call, we don't even know what type of breed you want at all, what are the possibilities. Not to mention that the rabbit needs of unaware. This is always one of my favorite elcsodálkozom, and hasonlataim comes to mind. What if someone wants to buy a car (furniture, lamp …) and a light vapor would not have what types and how the particular object to be cherished for a long time work … Do not just stand him? The animal Why buy an exception? And moreover, we take ourselves in a living being who is so much more complicated that you do not want to just "use" will not be turned off, or replace just …

Well, in some of these regulations is that I think what a good buyer. It might be an interesting approach because it is not specifically aimed at the shopper's perspective I look at things, but I hope I will not so important things, not opt-out and informative.

So if you are elhatároznám a small animal, in this case, I would like to you to begin with, rabbit watching (for addressing newspapers or on the Web), you're at home the kind of articles have appeared on this subject. Áttanulmányoznám the nyúlfajtákat, the meglátogatnám, the maintenance of the pages dealing with the breeders, clubs, if you speak a foreign language, the külhoniakat is átolvasnám. Eventually eldőlne, we also do I like variety. In the meantime, I have collected a lot of data, of course, information about keeping, feeding on the subject. This is to determine the appropriate me really a rabbit. While reading, of course, a lot of conflicting information I found. These eltenném so far, then I ask what competent people in.

Slowly, what is in my report. Did some research on keeping accessories (even if I don't buy anything, because it does not hurt to ask and then, to really believe that I have to megvennem that I found). Then comes the next step: How do. If you have followed the above information, you may not have the Bunny of unknown origin. Most of the places I've read that this is not free. Considered that pup buy a reputable breeder, or perhaps older, young adult animals in this country. Pros-cons are also in many places. If you have decided it's time to add a connection to a person who has a Bunny for sale/ajándékozandó. If puppy rabbit, only breeders! Under no circumstances is not fair, exchange, pet shop! Unknown origin, has a high risk of infection, often too young animals are found in these places. If you are accepted for adoption, they are usually able to respond to the current owners ad. In this case, there is a lot of work to do, we'll discuss when, where to go to nyusziért. Please advice the owner, so far what, when eaten, as it likes to play, what the agenda was. Most collect your info as possible, but of course also have the opportunity to ask later if something comes to mind yet.

Szállítóbox (cat carrier)

The hard case is the kölyökvásárlás. At this point, to write more tenyésztőnek or call them. Contact, what you have, and say what you want. Most immediately, there will be no Bunny. Here's a compromise: we expect one that is due, or the megálmodtunk rollout. In the latter case, the waiting time will be shortened. As I was/am on both sides (as a breeder, and as a customer), I know what to expect. But if you have an idea, you might want to. Of course, if you only have a certain color is what you looked up, you may have to change. Primarily a good conditions obtain, behavior, Bunny. How color is secondary. If you have the breeder, jegyeztessünk. It is also a memorandum of understanding towards the breeders: we want to seriously, and from there to the Bunny. If the "recall" formula you can hear, most breeders just DAB to frivolous buyers. If you are interested in more places, you can safely say that there are still other places where we ask what the situation is, but if there will be no better offer, make sure you are applying for. Another is not a good beginning, "how much?". If we are, then you already suspect that we are not demanding, all that matters is that cheap. Intensive farming is reluctant to give such a place, because the Bunny is floating before your eyes, if this is a one-time expenditure so let's see what will happen later, when the vet, or just some quality food should be taken of him on a regular basis. Of course, it may have to ask you about the purchase price, but if you can, do not start with the conversation. Perhaps a good start, that's why this kind of won the appeal. This is now also inform you that after we were, we are not completely uninformed … Any unbelievable, is not primarily a good breeder is intended that all costs rid of the puppies, but to be a good place (of course, there are exceptions, but there are a good indicator not valid…).

If you have the final decision, then sign up to the list of names of the breeder, other requested information. Well, you know, this is a preliminary agreement, does not fit, it must be broken, that if it does not, then you will never be a Bunny! If so, let's say that we cancel! I didn't even wait to get fit and the breeder will take us to hívogatni. After all, we want something from him. So after signing up you may be interested in. The breeder you love, if you see that the owner is eager to move the Bunny, when already. Of course, do not overdo it, don't hívogassuk on a daily basis.  The breeder tells you anyway, if anything. In most places the choice of booking in, or "live" or on the basis of images. But take away the rabbit necessarily see live! Do you take a rabbit that will bring, or the breeder will bring us! If you buy a live animal is post-warranty claims is not very place! So let's look at what we before leelőlegeznénk or to pay!

The questions to be breeders! Then come handy little list of what you've identified where böngészgettünk that what is not clear or heard in different ways. The reason you might want to also ask breeders, because of what he says, he has kept so far on their own nyulait, so we kölykünket. And since when is us, even for a while, we must feed, as he was to the less stress, so we need to know his opinion.

Now, so the day has come when you have to choose your future jelenésünk pets are allowed. This is possible either personally or we can give the candidates a pile. This will allow time to thoroughly look at the "selection", and possibly us only once come to the realization, "he is!". My experience: better off, who does not impose many conditions, thereby narrowing the range (color, sex, father, mother …), because you never know which one will have to live the real thing! Oh, and one more thing: Do not despair if we are the last of a litter voters! Since everyone has a different taste, very rare that point you have a kid who is absolutely not our case!

If you live if we choose image, we will look at the bunny acceptance, you can caress, place, and ask the breeder to show the basic things (butt clean, clear coat, teeth good job) at the puppies. Typically, you should not ask for this …

to mention one more thing that is important: the vaccinated. I read in many places that puppy vaccinations are given. This reading of the same customers, but not necessarily well understood. So: can be parked in such a young age, but this one is just basic vaccinations, and just need to repeat the like gets greater age, on the other hand, the immune system ages around the removal (6-8 weeks) is still absolutely not ready, so given the vaccination responders complete. So kölyöknél not necessarily an advantage for the vaccination, but rather a fact, then you need to tell your veterinarian. The situation is different, of course, if you're into the environment (for example, fertőzésveszélyes. warren Forest, periphery, perhaps maintenance-free) is applied. But in this case the tenyésztőnek is strictly secured. He will decide whether free bunny to bring this age into the environment, or wait for it, and take it to old age – then we have more vaccines. For example, a vaccine is not vaccine. Of course it is our decision as well: the továbbtartás in excess of the expense factor, alapoltáson plus vaccinations are also a buyer. In short: Let's talk about the breeders, the target in relation to the decision and to obtain a vaccination, or the Bunny and then later to begin the vaccination programme (here should note that many veterinarians no penchant for vaccination programme launched one, because he might have a different vaccine, other age. Because there are several, and they are not always compatible with each other, so that is why his opinions are sought).

(I have it so it works: basically six weeks can only be oltatok if the owner specifically requests it. At this point, however, will not give the newly grafted Bunny. Only when the vaccine has been affected. So you can choose: grafted, but extra waiting, then the owner or your doctor will start the program on its proposed time. Of course, it also depends on the circumstances, whether it is better to take than without vaccination vaccinated, see above).

So we got our nyulunk. If you do not take away the age (multiple locations can be selected first, and only later to win), then we will make, and talk about when jöhetünk.

Szállítóbox (cat carrier)

If you already have a takeaway aged bunny, then we transport ourselves box (right ?!), this can be litter or paper, but we can ask "home smelling hay" from the breeder as well. The Bunny in this place. Never ride on your lap or free! A frightened rabbit is great stress! In addition, a man's lap can be very hot, as we are about ourselves. We are right 37 degrees. It is unfortunate when delivered. Probably we can get from the eledelből I've ever eaten, feeding advice. Be sure to obey, we hear! Then, when the átszokási time has expired, we have time to gradually introduce new things has to change if we want to!

And when we get home, we leave time to calm down. Hopefully (as in most cases), this period passes smoothly and quickly find out what is the rabbit holding joy!

Even much the breeder happy to hear it from a kid! Feel free to write him an e-mail, send a picture of a bunny sometimes! But I do not necessarily expect you to ask her (of course, do not be surprised if you do so), because the 120th This would have been difficult for this customer.

I hope the small gondolatsor many would-be gazdihoz reach, even before an important decision! And so fewer and fewer cases occur, that we retrospectively, or the Bunny to see damage of premature or inappropriate döntésünknek tartásunknak!


Purchase terms

  As a first step, please read the "Tips before buying Bunny" from the menu!

I'm glad you finally decide to choose one (or more) dwarf bunny holding, perhaps you'd like from breeding animals! First of all, I want to ask, think about it! With luck, you choose yourself a partner for 10 years! This is commitment! As much as possible I try to give the bunnies a location where it is likely to be in the right place. The same can support a bunny, you need to change hands later, but it's definitely wears. If well thought out and still want, you can add the following ways:

  • first of all decide what breed you want! I have bred varieties: primarily the mini kosorrú bunnies on a lesser scale, satin mini kosorrúak.
  • Could you, please contact me (or grysycos13@gmail.com 06 30 258 0705) and ask whether there is just the kind desired by you. (E-mail subject line please enter "dwarf rabbit" or "bunny").
  • time you should inquire in general is rarely immediately available puppies. Even if the site is also appears to be a litter free, it only means that they can not even come to the reservation előjegyzők bunnies, or do not understand it updated. Therefore, not all Bunny free, as it seems!
  • If there is no free bunny, you might want to subscribe to the waiting list to be sure you get the next litter, and that if you want a certain color, you can become the first (second …) to the scene. To sign your name, email address, telephone number required (the Internet Candidates too! Anything done any of netkapcsolatával, when the phone number is important). If you have a custom requirement (colour, not) is also at this point, it is worth elmondanod.
  • When born, értesítelek (if it we were having fun), but it is worth érdeklődnöd sometimes, how many pieces have been in vain, lest wait.
  • About four weeks due to the first visit, so if you discussed it. This letter will give you. The kicsikből has been "you can also see something." You will see, this is what you were thinking, or maybe not, and I also love to see who can be the small. Then you can also ask and do not be surprised if the breeder is to ask! A completely unprepared buyer can not be a good administrator and conscientious breeder of these places are reluctant to give the pup. If like us mutually to each other, and you've got the bunny, then this is the date when he seized the rabbit. It is usually half of the purchase price, and the only way you can be sure that you have chosen Bunny will also be yours.
  • Since we moved to the countryside, so it is possible to make it easier to make choices on the basis of an image, even if you do not want to come, only twice and then the takeaway nyusziért. In such a case. send image of rabbits he drew 3-4 weeks of age (the previously agreed with the need for megfelelőekről), and thus can be the legszimpatikusabbat. In such a case, of course, I can help you if you would be more than one candidate, which I think is appropriate. The Budapest Transport can be solved, but the better case if the removal is done of me.
  • Six weeks of age can be the Bunny. This means that this is not first, but later (7-8 weeks old) course possible. In the second half of the purchase price is payable at that time. Then you get your card origin, and the prospectus, which briefly included in the I recommended keeping, feeding mode (if not already sent your e-mail before, or talked over), and a smaller portion from the feed was what while the bunny ate here.
  • If you took and questions, of course, you can write or call me at any time, but more and let me warn you: if it seems ill, it is best to call the vet first! He can advise and after the test, you can manage the best way for him. I'm not a doctor, and only idea may be what ails.


You need to know the little animals in most cases not covered by any guarantee, due to their vulnerability as they have any problems occur, in which no one is wrong. For example. death due to sudden cardiac death, the shock, which can occur from that big man cries next to him. I guarantee this on its own will take a little more, but you should know, this is not universally the case. So:

  • best of my knowledge none of the animals were born, and I can only give you a healthy animal. But since the rabbit is sensitive to animal, or a sudden change in the environment is megviselheti. So if the rabbit dies within a week after the removal and this is demonstrably not the fault (pl. not stepped on, dropped, crushed got something, took her place or infectious), and have a veterinary certificate about the following power demand can keep another bunny. After this time can only be held responsible if the veterinary certificate to the host that is lost due to a problem with the animal, which certainly has infected the litter (taking into account / guarantee up. Time to infections in the / latency time to 3 weeks, because then the infection The origin has been uncertain). In this case, csereállat.
  • I take no responsibility for anything later, since the maintenance shall be borne by the hands of diseases due to errors.
  • Estimator of the warranty: of course, I take no responsibility for the exhibition results. A six-week-old állatkából still can be anything, and that's not all. And it is absolutely not a subjective bírálaton like this judge/judges. If you are looking for, let us know your exhibition Bunny already in the beginning, because then you have to choose the Bunny!
  • Breeding guarantee: no guarantee I can not take it, because who knows a kölyöknél to later fertility or fedezőképes will be and whether it will be a good mother. In any event, if such an intention to love Bunny, is good if you are already at the beginning about, because then I can kind of Interior design by puppy.

If all these végiggondoltad, and you think you can be a good master's törpenyúlnak, then do not hesitate, go into action! One more tip: If you have been "uneven" in the reception, you can check the time keeping accessories. By the time the Bunny hazaviszed, ready to be home. If you need advice on where to go to buy, call me or write within Budapest. (I don't deal in trade in equipment, I can recommend up to shop).


Szállítóbox (cat carrier)